Sunday, October 30, 2011

*❤* Romantic Guitar ❀ Chococarrie *❤*

My Guitar Has Six Strings,

It Gets Lonely When Nobody Sings,

Musical And Magical,

My Pick Makes My Guitar Sound So Magical,

And No Matter Where I Go She’s Right There,

When I Play My Guitar People Always Stare,

We Sound So Good Together,

I Hope My Guitar, 

My Sweetheart Will Stay With Me Forever


  1. galing mo sis!!! ^_^ Luv yah!!!

  2. hi there Carrie! you know if you don't play with your heart...there comes no music from your soul..sometimes i get so busy that i may neglect to tell...i am thinking about you..i hope you know that even though i don't tell you as often as i many times are made nicer by warm thoughts of you...thanks for being my best best yeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!avhic


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