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Thorn Birds «•♥•» Romantic Novel, Popularized As TV Series


Here's a Sweet Share I prepared out of this Ever Beautiful Novel, written by Colleen McCullough. Composing of two Lovely Videos which you shouldn't miss at all with uncountable awesome images from the TV Series. Let it all begin...

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The Thorn Birds Remember When Alan Jackson
Goes for Cris Rodrigues

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prepared by withyousweetheart

Selected beautiful images in the scenes that i felt can bring for you utmost enjoyment. For those of us who are already familiar, I rather then presume that you won't let it pass by without another sweet round of recalling them once more, here in this sweet romantic blog. So you're invited !! Journey with me once more...

The early scenes started in the season of Christmas in Drogheda, home of Mary Elizabeth Carson Cleary, known to be the most wealthiest woman ever in that place with an Irish man, who is a priest named Father Ralph de Bricassart.

Of the great secret interest and hidden love of Mary for the Irish priest. She has many baiting, flirting moments with him, challenging his faith as being a priest or barely a real man which the poor priest has been undergoing throughout everytime they both are together. Ralph has been battling the many unending obstacles, he has been meeting every now and then.but with his least knowledge of Mary's plan for him, some of her motivations has did materialized already with the being so ambitious attitude of Ralph besides being a God Servant, one was when he accepted a gift for him from Mary which is the car, where he used going here and there for his work.

Some selected scenarios I chose of Mary's quests with Ralph as priest testing his sincerity to his faith. Of course in these early scenes he haven't yet met the woman who will be breaking his vows.

At the communion moment, Mary was starting to flirt with Ralph, by touching his fingers with her tongue which Ralph, did not take much into account, though he was a little annoyed best can be seen in this 2nd photo.

During their horse riding, Mary knew that the priest enjoys the ride and so she took the chance to give it for him as a gift but Ralph did not like the idea then, so during the conversation, Mary once again tried her best to win him by offering her Drogheda in the exchange that she still can be charmed by the priest, but then things did not turn well, so she opens the idea that still she has to find somebody more near for the Drogheda to be inherited.
Ralph was about to leave, Mary still found a good way to try her luck on him, and these are those scenarios which shows how really her ill-fated drives thrives in charming the priest, hoping to be entrapped with her

Mary's hands brushing into the priests' hand and finally that look in her eyes which the priest really can't bear anymore, leaving her immediately.


Witness more latter images of Mary with Ralph as years pass by and how still Mary never let go of Ralph, here is a scene where they met again and this part was when one night Ralph was caught in the strong rain and without his knowledge of Mary watching him while he changes his wet clothes...
 Ralph was telling Mary that he thought she was after her soul, but she was not then. Instead she is approaching for him for a different purpose.
This is where Mary was trying to picture for Ralph that he could be in the future running that wide space where a church can be built and Ralph as an icon priest in her institution. 
This is where we can see the presence of Meggie while Ralph and Mary were in a discussion of business, where Mary was telling him that heaven needs one satan to maintain business and without satan there is no struggle and that struggle is the one keeping us alive addressing it for Ralph, but he counter reply it that struggle is for the purpose of attaining perfection, and again he mentioned that it seems Mary is after his very soul again.
This is where we can see the presence of Meggie while Ralph and Mary were in a discussion of business, where Mary was telling him that heaven needs one satan to maintain business and without satan there is no struggle and that struggle is the one keeping us alive addressing it for Ralph, but he counter reply it that struggle is for the purpose of attaining perfection, and again he mentioned that it seems Mary is after his very soul again.
Next few images with Mary and Ralph was when she was eyeing the child and the priest in the garden one fine morning and she was jealous of course thinking that one day Ralph would prefer Meggie from her.
In these two images is when Ralph was against Mary's decision of Meggie, being taken home too early from school. Mary becoming jealous of Meggie.
  Mary in her last birthday celebration, upon retiring from the party, and heading for her bedroom with Ralph, finally boldly told Ralph to kiss her goodnight on her mouth as lovers refusing Ralph's polite way of bidding her goodnight in her hands. In astonishment Ralph once more reiterated to her that he is a priest and so Mary loosing control told him in an angry mode that, he is neither of the two, not a priest or a man, instead Ralph was an impotent thing, useless thing, and counter repeating for Mary that to be a man in her terms is no priest. Mary confessed that she has always loved Ralph, and telling her that she is just seeing a reminder of what she can no longer be.

 Mary for the last time speaks about old age that inside her stupid body she is still young, she stills feels, she still loves, she still wants and she still dreams, and still love Ralph.
 These next sweet images will remind us of how ''Meggie'' turned out to be a special responsibility of Father Ralph de Bricassart. It all began when Mary seek the help of Ralph for her only brother Paddy to be with her in Drogheda and so upon meeting Paddy's whole family he came to meet here "Meggie'' in her very young only girl of the family...
 Incidentally this is the first place that both Meggie and Ralph feels that they have special closeness together. 
We get then to see in the proceeding sweet images, of those moments while Meggie was growing up, here Ralph has seen her as a young girl who must be prepared to be a better grown up lady by requesting the family and Mary to let her have proper education. And for those many times when Meggie feels sad and needs comfort Father Ralph de Bricassart stood to her all the time.
A scene where Meggie was too afraid of the boxing fight she witnessed that day where her elder brother Frank was having that tournament, where she was being comforted by Father Ralph. 
Father Ralph is explaining for Meggie to clear her mind about her elder brother, Frank, leaving them behind,  ''that there comes a time when all of us sometimes needs to go & search for the things we need above all, no matter how much it cost us and through this he tells a beautiful story, for her. About a legend, of the ''Thorn Birds'' which sings just once in its life, from the moment it leaves its nest, it searches for a thorn tree and never rests till it's found one, and then it sings most sweetly than any other creature in the face of the earth, and singing, it impales itself on the longest sharpest thorn, but us it dies, it rises above to its own agony to outsing the lark and the nightingale, that the thorn bird pays its life for just one song but the whole world stills to listen , and God in his hands smiles, meaning that the best is bought only at the cost of great pain.
Meggie's cherised youngest brother ''Hal'' died and from then onwards, Meggie reached her puberty years where Father Ralph again was just beside her, explaning how things are passing through that stage.

During their conversation about being an adult, Meggie was able to ask Father Ralph if it was possible for him to marry her one day, explaning to her that he is a priest and it's never allowed for him to marry any woman but just to be on the church devoted to God.
In these photos we can remember during the birthday of Mary, Meggie and Ralph after 5 long years, they met as being attracted to each other though they cannot both let it be shown that easy specially in the public.
They had exchanged stolen sweet glances and yes they manage to get a chance to converse but in all under pressure while in the midst of the crowd
Meggie in the midst of being upset went instead to take a horseback ride and Ralph was able to follow her, and tried to explain for her to forget her romantic passion for him and get to settle with the right man, for he can never marry her because all above for him is the love for God. 
Few years passed and Meggie is seen here weeping of the loss of her father and her brother ''Stu'' who was close to her age during the big flames that almost destroyed the whole of Drogheda, we can notice that this was the first place where both of them find themselves in intimate connection. This was the first incident Ralph has uncontrolled of over the situations of his being a priest.
And years passed so many things where happenning for our Meggie and Ralph, where both passes through collisions of their own emotions...
Ralph given the chance for freewill after successive successes in his ambitions in the church.
Ralph get to learned of Meggie's married details already and in no time he got a letter from her asking for help to solve an existing problem with Luke her husband who was a failure instead. Meggie has given a birth to a girl from Luke and in few more time she was able to get rid of her poor life and led a path she missed so much this time with Ralph.  
As both Meggie was passing to her turning point so as Ralph was heading for his too...Love finally conquers all..

Ralph gets to visit after many years passed by, where Dane his very own son and Justine were all grown ups. And had chosen their own pathways in lives...
 Justine and Dane...
Dane on his vacation from the seminary with Justine...
Justine with Rain who became her husband.


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  2. I am so glad that you Love It Dearest Cris, As Always My Favorite Line, Love and Romance, and Your Always Welcome, Love and Kisses.


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